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We're Excited To assist you on Your next camping adventure

Duane started this business back in 2019. We started off with three trailers in 2019, grew to seven trailers in 2020, 10 trailers in 2021 and 12 trailers in 2022. This year, we are at 13 trailers. We here at Trillium Rock RV Rentals are passionate about camping and allowing others a chance to camp who may not be able to afford a trailer for themselves. We focus heavily on customer service, good communication and excellence in all aspects of our business.

Trillium Rock Team

Justin Berens - Co-Owner

Pictured Right

Duane Smith - Co-Owner

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Kurt Berens

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Thank you for choosing to use one of our campers through Trillium Rock RV Rentals. We are eager to serve you and hopefully provide you with a quality camping experience. We exist to encourage families in experiencing the multiple benefits of camping in God’s great outdoors, and through that build positive memories and stronger family togetherness. 


To allow everyone an equal chance to enjoy Gods great outdoors with Friends and Family