How does the Payment process work? 

  1. The payment process is very easy. Once you select “Book Now” after selecting your dates and filling out the contact information, it will bring you to a page to either sign in and pay with PayPal, or there will be a button that says either “Continue as quest or Pay with Debit/Credit Card”. Choose your desired choice.  

  1. If you choose to use a credit Card, you will need to fill in your email, then it will take you to a page to enter your information.  

  1. Before you can submit payment, you may have to create a PayPal account using a username and password, however, your payment will still be done using your credit card.  

What is the deposit for reserving a trailer? 

  1. As of now, when booking a trailer, the payment will be in full. However, we are working to create a 50/50 payment method for trailer rental to make it more feasible for you. If you do choose to rent from us and cannot pay the full amount up front, please contact me via email, Justin@trilliumrock.com, and I will email you half the invoice then and the second half a month prior to the reservation.  

Do we offer any type of discount? 

  1. Unfortunately, we do not have any discounts in place now, however, that is something that could be in the works down the road. 

Do we offer trailer delivery? 

  1. Yes, we do offer delivery for a fee. We deliver up to 120 miles one way from Hudsonville, Michigan. When booking your trailer, under the “extra” tab, there will be an option to select delivery option based on how many miles the campground is from Hudsonville. When you select the delivery option, the fee will include full set up, full tear down, a trailer walkthrough and sewer dump at the end of your trip. If you wish to travel further than 120 Miles, please contact me and we can see if we can make something work!

Can the renter pull the unit themselves? 

  1.  Yes, we do allow the renter to pull their unit themselves. There is not a mileage limit or fee when the trailer is being pulled by the renter. Please note, if you are renting the 2013 Liberty, 2016 Cougar or 2017 Conquest, 2021 Wildwood, we highly recommend using a ¾ ton Pickup to pull as these all weight over 9,500 pounds. If you are unsure if your vehicle can pull one of our trailers, please contact us. 

What is the minimum length of time do you allow reservations? 

There is a minimum two night limit for reservations if you are having the trailer delivered to you. If you plan to pick the unit up yourself, we do allow only 1 night rentals on occasion. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us. 

How does your insurance work? 

  1. We offer insurance through MBA. Depending on if you are pulling the unit yourself, or having it delivered, this insurance is optional. Please note, the 2014 Northtrail, 2018 Puma and 2017 Conquest cannot be covered by MBA. 

  1. If you are having the trailer delivered to your site, insurance through MBA is optional. The only reason you would need to take out this insurance is if you wanted extra coverage in case you break something major during your trip.  

  1. If you are pulling the trailer yourself, if your personal vehicle insurance covers pulling a trailer, you do not need to take out our insurance through MBA. Please note, several insurance companies only cover if your vehicle stays attached to the trailer. This will be a question for your company. If this is the case, we again offer our insurance that is optional, only needed if you want extra coverage.  

  1. Finally, if you are pulling the trailer yourself and you do not have any coverage on your personal insurance, you then MUST take out our insurance which can range anywhere from $5-$12 a day.  

  1. Further information can be sent to you upon request.  

Are there any other fees that I need to worry about? 

  1. To make the reservation, there are no surprise fees that will pop up, however, we do offer optional fees that include: Linens=$20, Pet Fee=$30, Generator Fee=$30, Emptying Sewer tanks=$40 and Delivery fee (Changes based on mileage)