Rules and Policies

Residence CampingWe do allow you to bring our trailers to your residence, however, if you do, this rule must be followed:
  • You must have a 30 AMP power service to run the AC unit. If no 30 AMP power service is available, the AC is not allowed to be run. This protects the trailer and the residence from having electrical issues
Pickup/Delivery Times Regardless of if you are pulling the trailer or having it delivered, these are our delivery times. (Depending on schedule, these times can change slightly. 
  •  First Day (Pickup/TRRV Delivery): Between 3 and 5 PM. Typically, we try to be there at 3 pm, but could be slightly later depending on schedule
  • Last Day (Drop off/TRRV Pickup): Between 10 and 1 PM. Typically, we pick up the trailer at Noon. This will allow us time to return home and get the trailer ready for the next family by 3 PM. If you are pulling yourself, we ask you to be returning trailer by noon as well. 
  • If you wish to pick the trailer up earlier or have it delivered earlier, please contact us and we will see if we can make something work. 
Insurance- We do offer insurance for 10 of our 12 trailers. The trailers that are not covered under our MBA insurance policy is the 2018 Puma and 2017 Conquest. However, these two trailers are covered through our Auto Policy for Liability only. 
  •  If you are pulling the trailer yourself, if your personal insurance  covers pulling a trailer, you are not required to take out our personal business insurance through MBA. However, you can still take out our insurance if you wish to have further protection. If your personal insurance does not cover pulling a trailer, you must then take out our insurance.
  • If you choose to use one of the three trailers listed above, and your personal insurance does not cover pulling a trailer, you MUST have it delivered to your campsite as the trailers are covered when using our business trucks. 
  • Finally, if you are having the trailer delivered, you are not required to take out any insurance. However, if something is damaged while you are using the trailer, you would be held liable. You are welcome to still take out insurance if you wish to protect yourself, even if the trailer is being delivered. 
Cleaning– We ensure all of our trailers are clean and ready to go prior to your reservation.
  •  We supply a broom and a dust pan. We ask prior to you leaving the trailer, to sweep and wipe down the floor and counters. We supply paper towel as well. 
  • Please clean and put away all dishes or appliances that you may have used. If the coffee maker is used, remove old filter and grounds and clean the coffee maker.
  • If me and my team deem that the trailer was not cleaned and looking like it was prior to the reservation, we may contact you to discuss a potential cleaning fee.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We do not expect a full deep clean. All we ask is you leave it in the way you wish somebody would leave your trailer. Thank you. 
Toilet/Sewer – We  make sure the sewer tanks are all emptied and treated with toilet treatment prior to your reservation. 
  •  You are more than welcome to use the bathroom as you please. 
  • If you do, you MUST use toilet paper that we supply. If you run out, you MUST purchase RV Dissolving Toilet paper, otherwise the sewer tanks will get clogged. 
  • YOU MAY NOT throw away or dispose of any items besides toilet paper in the toilet. No wet wipes, paper towel, or anything else other than dissolving toilet paper.
Thank you, 
Trillium Rock Team